GDPR & Compliance

Ensure your recruitment website instantly meets GDPR compliance

The CCD Platform is a comprehensive content management system that is designed to protect user data and ensure GDPR compliance. It offers a range of robust features, such as cookie compliance, data request management, and data auditing tools, which help to track and monitor data usage. The platform's consent management and policy manager tools enable users to create compliant forms and policies, while the data retention features automatically anonymise data to ensure GDPR compliance.

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Becca, Marketing Manager, Burns Sheehan

GDPR Compliance Tool Set

The CCD Platform offers a Data Request Ticket Manager that enables users to easily serve their data requests and use the platform's ticket manager to manage and take action on them. This feature ensures that users have complete control over their data and can easily request its removal or correction at any time.

The platform also includes a Data Retention Manager that automatically sets when data should be cleaned or anonymised after a certain amount of time to reduce the risk of non-compliance. This feature ensures that user data is only stored for as long as necessary and that businesses are not retaining data longer than they need to.

In addition to these features, the CCD Platform offers a Cookies, Consent & Policy Manager that allows businesses to manage cookies on their site, the cookie consent bar, and easily add and manage the right policies. By providing these comprehensive GDPR compliance features, the CCD Platform helps businesses to protect their users' data and maintain regulatory compliance.