Unify your recruitment website with to create one slick, seamless recruiting process.

The CCD Platform for recruitment websites offers a comprehensive range of integrations with most major CRMs, including Bullhorn. These integrations allow businesses to seamlessly manage and organize their candidate and job data, as well as automate their recruitment processes. By syncing jobs and candidates with their CRM, businesses can streamline their recruitment operations and reduce the time and resources required for manual data entry and management.

Key Features

"CCD provide an incredible quality of design, development and support services to us and have become a long term strategic partner for our digital projects."
Becca, Marketing Manager, Burns Sheehan

Integrate with Multi-Posters

The platform also offers integrations with all major multiposters like Broadbean, making it easy for businesses to advertise their job openings across multiple job boards and reach a wider audience of qualified candidates. This integration enables businesses to manage and track their job postings, ensuring that their job openings are reaching the right candidates at the right time.

To ensure the security of candidate and job data, the CCD Platform stores all data in encrypted form both at rest and in transit. This ensures that businesses can trust that their data is secure and protected from unauthorized access. In addition, the platform also includes features for anonymizing unnecessary data, further enhancing the security of sensitive information.

Overall, the CCD Platform's integrations with major CRMs and multiposters, combined with its advanced data security features, make it an ideal toolset for businesses looking to streamline their recruitment processes and improve the security of their candidate and job data.