Job Search

A high performance job search to increase candidate conversions.

The CCD Recruitment Platform is a powerful tool for building high-performing recruitment websites. One of its standout features is an intelligent keyword matching system, which allows job seekers to find relevant positions quickly and easily. The platform also offers a vast array of filtering criteria, enabling users to refine their search and view only the most relevant job opportunities.

In addition to traditional filtering options, the CCD Recruitment Platform goes above and beyond by providing candidates with information on their potential commute time to the job. This feature is particularly useful for candidates who are looking to relocate or who have specific travel requirements. Furthermore, the platform provides instant results based on the candidate's current location, making the job search process even more convenient and efficient.

"CCD provide an incredible quality of design, development and support services to us and have become a long term strategic partner for our digital projects."
Becca, Marketing Manager, Burns Sheehan

Improve the Job Application Experience

The CCD Recruitment Platform is also designed to improve the job application experience for candidates. One way it achieves this is by allowing recruiters to customise job application forms to suit their specific needs. This customisation can include the addition of pre-screening questions, enabling recruiters to gather more information about candidates before the interview stage. By providing a more tailored and personalised experience for job seekers, the CCD Recruitment Platform helps to ensure that both candidates and recruiters have a positive and productive experience.