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A recruitment specific platform

The CCD Recruitment Platform (CCD RP) underpins every recruitment website project we take on. It allows users to quickly and efficiently build pages, maintain content and provide integrations with recruitment CRMs and multi-posters. With 20 years of experience and product maturity, the CCD Platform has thousands of marketing and consultants users across the recruitment industry and has become a proven and trusted choice.

The CCD Recruitment Platform is part of our powerful toolset allowing us to create some of the best performing recruitment websites, for some of the largest and most successful  recruitment companies and groups in the UK.

Easily Maintain Content

The recruitment-specific website platform provides an easy-to-use interface to manage and maintain content, ensuring that information is always up-to-date.

AI Powered Job Authoring

The platform's AI-powered job advert management system allows recruiters to quickly and easily create and manage job adverts, reducing the time and effort needed for recruitment tasks.

Instant Graphical Reporting

Instant graphic dashboards provide real-time analytics and key performance indicators, allowing users to monitor recruitment performance and make data-driven decisions for better outcomes.

Integrates with your Recruitment CRM

Unify your recruitment website with to create one slick, seamless recruiting process. Our platform integrates to provide automatic candidate applications, CVs, GDPR preferences, email marketing and data with your recruitment CRM.

Auto Attribute Marketing Sources

Track the source of your traffic through to application, placement and GP.

Integrated Job Board

Automatically publish jobs from your CRM to the CCD Platform. Use a multi-poster like Broadbean as well if required.

Integrated Applications & Candidates

Automatically send candidate applications back into the CRM for a seamless end-to-end solution.

Robust, secure & easy-to-use recruitment platform

The CCD Recruitment platform provides our users with the ability to tailor their job search settings and criteria, edit candidate application forms, build customised landing pages for marketing campaigns and track all performance.

Role Based User Permissions

Control user permissions for your marketing team, content editors and recruitment consultants to tailor exactly what they have the ability to see and use.

Campaign Landing Pages

Easily build out campaign landing pages in minutes for high impact marketing campaigns.

Swift Editing

Embed videos, images and content with ease with super fast editing and keyboard shortcuts.

Scale Your Business
Run Multi Sector & Multi Regional

The CCD Platform is a powerful system that offers an array of multi-regional capabilities. With this platform, users can author content for different regions, create and manage regional job adverts, and enable automatic filtering by region to display relevant content. These features help businesses to better target their audiences, recruit top talent, and improve user experience across different regions.

Regionalised Recruitment Website

Choose the regions you operate in and deliver specific content to that audience where the CCD platform automatically detects their location.

Regionalised Job Board

Publish jobs specific to the geographic region in the correct currency and control the countries in which applicants can apply.


Easily grow your website into new sectors as your business expands.

Stay Compliant

The CCD Platform is a comprehensive content management system that includes robust GDPR compliance features to ensure data protection for its users. These features include cookie compliance, data request management, and data auditing tools to track and monitor data usage. Additionally, the consent management and policy manager tools enable users to create compliant forms and policies, while the data retention features offer automatic anonymisation to ensure GDPR compliance.

Data Request Ticket Manager

Allow users to easily self serve with their data requests and use the CCD ticket manager to action and manage them.

Data Retention Manager

Automatically set when data is cleaned or anonymised after a certain amount of time to reduce risk.

Cookies, Consent & Policy Manager

Manage the cookies on your site, the cookie consent bar and easily add the manage the right policies.