World-class recruitment website support

CCD Recruitment is a website design company that offers comprehensive support to its clients. The company's support services are designed to ensure that clients receive timely and effective assistance whenever they require it. One of the key features of CCD Recruitment's support is the automatic measuring of service level agreements. This means that clients can be assured of a high level of service and response times when they reach out for support.

We care about customer retention most of all

In addition to measuring service level agreements, CCD Recruitment also provides in-depth support analytics and reporting. This feature enables clients to track the progress of their support requests and to identify any areas where improvements can be made. The company's support ticket system is also designed to facilitate efficient communication between clients and support staff, ensuring that queries and issues are resolved in a timely and effective manner.

To ensure that clients' data is properly managed and secured, CCD Recruitment employs best practice tagging, tracking, and data hygiene measures. These measures are designed to protect clients' data from loss, theft, and unauthorized access. Multi-channel support is also available, ensuring that clients can reach out for assistance through their preferred communication channels, such as email, phone, or chat.

"CCD provide an incredible quality of design, development and support services to us and have become a long term strategic partner for our digital projects."
Becca, Marketing Manager, Burns Sheehan

High Level Support

Overall, CCD Recruitment's support services are designed to provide clients with a high level of assistance and support whenever they require it. The company's commitment to measuring service level agreements, providing in-depth analytics and reporting, and employing best practice tagging, tracking, and data hygiene measures ensures that clients can rely on CCD Recruitment for effective and secure support services.